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Welcome to Legacy Academy – A Christian University Model® School 

Come join us in the mission…  “Cultivating student purpose alongside invested families within supportive community.”


“A Hybrid Model” – Imagine your 8th grade daughter, naturally proficient in linguistics, having the ability to weekly shadow  a local, newspaper editor. She has the time to participate with you on missions trips, and while hearing  languages from all over, her passion for Spanish develops in a Legacy Academy Spanish class.  Her experience, as well as, University-Model® reputation, make her the natural choice for being a college scholarship recipient and her credentials place her on the international circuit of reporting on government affairs.  Amidst her success, she is able to share her deep-rooted faith because of the relationship and direction your family was able to provide her. Her success is not the goal, nor does it define her. Rather, her unique preparation allows her to be catapulted into the purpose God has for her so that ultimately, she is fully prepared to make His name known.  Legacy Academy is Longview’s first and only University-Model® School, where like-minded parents and professionally, degreed teachers develop, alongside you, your child’s God-given tendencies within a tailored, two-day school week for Kinder-Prep through 8th grade students. How do we do this? Legacy Academy believes strong families produce strong, college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.  And, we believe that families are strengthened when they have time for family investment, yet are accountable within a consistent, professional, and supportive, educational community.  Thus our unique model blends the best of traditional, Christian school and time off-campus to provide families the best of current, Christian educational models.