What is Legacy Academy?

Legacy Academy is a Christian University-Model® school that seeks to strengthen families and uphold their Christian values by aiding parents in preparing college-ready, character-witnesses of Christ for the next generation. Utilizing the University-Model® school (UMS) approach, Legacy Academy blends the best aspects of traditional, Christian schooling and the investment of families for a completely unique, two-day, school week on campus. Kinder-Prep through Junior High then receive detailed instruction at home on the alternate days with lesson overviews and materials from professionally degreed, Legacy teachers. This educational environment not only preserves and maintains the God-ordained family relationship, but offers students a tailored, academic tract that promotes each student’s unique, God-given abilities. Seeing students for who God created them to be, is at the very heart of UMS. Please see the Mission and Purpose on the next page for more insight.

What is the application process for new students?

  1. Click Admission>Apply Now and complete the online application.
  2. Next, click Admissions>Tuition and Fees to pay the one-time, non-refundable,     Application Fee of $95 per family.
  3. A school official will then contact you to continue in the enrollment process; this includes a family interview and whole-child assessment.

Do I have to be a member of Woodland Hills Baptist Church or God’s Grace Baptist Church to attend Legacy Academy?

No.  Woodland Hills Baptist Church is graciously allowing Legacy Academy to use their facilities, but Legacy is not affiliated with Woodland Hills Baptist Church or with God’s Grace Baptist Church.  Legacy Academy welcomes Christian families from all over the community!

What is the student class size?

The maximum number of students allowed per classroom is 15. Should enrollment exceed this number, classrooms will be split to accommodate the larger numbers. Alternatively, some classes may be combined if there is limited enrollment in more than one grade level.

What ages can attend?

For the fall of 2018, Legacy Academy is offering classes for Kinder Prep (three years old)-9th grade.  Legacy Academy will continue to add grade(s) annually until it can serve through 12th grade. Our philosophy is that students will be assessed based on their Whole Child Assessment and not necessarily their birth date.  For inquiries, contact info@legacyums.com.

What curricula does Legacy Academy use?

The 2018/2019 Curriculum Advisory Board is currently deliberating.  Please watch Admissions for an updated Curriculum tab.

Do children get “recess” time to play?

Because classroom time is limited, your student’s time here on Mondays and Wednesdays will be spent primarily on core instruction.  However, students will participate in neurological, Brain Gym® exercises first thing in the morning, a short recess, snack break and lunch.  Lastly, classrooms and schedules are designed to keep kids moving and engaged throughout the day.

What other unique offerings does Legacy Academy provide?

  • Braingym.com – this neurological system uses techniques to enhance academic performance
  • Honorablecharacter.com – this classroom management tool focuses on the heart; the responsibility of every child to honor God with his character rather than modifying his behavior
  • Family field trips that encourage family relationships and family time that allows for educational experiences in addition to academic instruction

What is the student schedule?

Students attend school on campus every Monday and Wednesday. Drop-off is at 8:30 a.m. with classes beginning at 8:45 a.m.  School-wide dismissal is at 3:00 p.m. Legacy Academy will follow the Longview ISD school calendar for the 2018/19 school year and will end on May 15th.

How much will it cost?

Non-Refundable Application Fee – $95
Registration Fee per student:  $200 (after July 16th)
Curriculum Fee varies – See Tuition and Fees

Tuition – This information is provided at an Information Night or Observation Day.  You can RSVP or schedule today.

Sibling Discount – 5% discount applies to 2nd student and each subsequent sibling

What is Legacy Academy’s dress code?

To show school spirit in the community,  Legacy Academy requires uniforms.  These uniform shirts can be purchased through Legacy.  Specific details can be accessed in the “dress code” section of the Legacy Academy Family Handbook including Legacy’s ‘spirit day’ attire.

I have children in several different grade levels. How much time will each need to spend doing schoolwork on their days at home?

A rule of thumb at University-Model® schools is that for every hour spent in the classroom, the student will need to spend thirty minutes to an hour on that subject in the “satellite classroom” at home. This rule, of course, varies according to the particular subject matter, the student’s proficiency in the subject, or other circumstances that may affect your child’s capabilities. Parents should be aware of the various needs of their child and structure their time accordingly.  As students move into the intermediate grades, there may be more time required to complete assignments as written essays and more complex materials are presented.  However, students should become more disciplined and proficient at working independently as they move into upper intermediate and middle school grades.

What are the requirements for Legacy Academy families?

  • Commitment to be a primary educator and mentor of your child
  • Availability of time for successful completion of daily coursework
  • Minimal parent volunteering during each school year
  • Commitment to purchase and read the annual Head of School’s, book of choice
  • Commitment to read and return Dr. John Turner’s “Parent’s Guide”

How many University-Model® schools are currently operating in the United States?

The model was first implemented at a test school in 1993. Currently, there are 76 University-Model® schools in operation all over the United States, 30 of which are in Texas.

What colleges are accepting students from University-Model® schools? What makes them attractive to a college over other students?

Years of data collected on University-Model® school students report they have had no difficulty in gaining entrance to colleges and universities nationwide, including Ivy League universities. In fact, the majority of graduates have been awarded scholarships for academic achievement, student leadership, and athletic or artistic ability. University-Model® schools stay informed on the current and projected entrance requirements of the major four-year universities. This allows school officials to be sure that the course offerings are meeting or exceeding college standards. In addition, UMS students are attractive to colleges because of their strong work ethic, successful study habits, leadership skills, and character as demonstrated through various student activities—academic, athletic, artistic, and governmental.

How are UMS students doing on college entrance tests?

Despite admission policies aimed at average students, the UMS students score much higher on college entrance tests than the average scores nationwide.

What do UMS graduates who are in college say about how well-prepared they were in high school?

Data collected from graduates of the University-Model® report overwhelmingly that they were extremely well-prepared for their freshmen experience. The University-Model® system, not only academically prepares you, but scheduling, work ethic, and necessary study skills were dynamics to which they were already accustomed. It is also common for UMS graduates to commence their college careers with collegiate credits on their transcripts, allowing them exemption from several courses.