The immediate goal of Legacy Academy is quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for relationship and thus, the time to impart their family’s Christian faith and values  The ultimate goal is that of producing wholesome, academically astute, competent men and women of character who make a positive difference for Christ in the next generation because they are well trained to flourish in their specific, God-given abilities.

What colleges are accepting students from University-Model® schools? What makes them attractive to a college over other students?

Years of data collected on University-Model® school students report they have had no difficulty in gaining entrance to colleges and universities nationwide, including Ivy League universities. In fact, the majority of graduates have been awarded scholarships for academic achievement, student leadership, and athletic or artistic ability. University-Model® schools stay informed on the current and projected entrance requirements of the major four-year universities. This allows school officials to be sure that the course offerings are meeting or exceeding college standards. In addition, UMS students are attractive to colleges because of their strong work ethic, successful study habits, leadership skills, and character as demonstrated through various student activities—academic, athletic, artistic, and governmental.

How are UMS students doing on college entrance tests?

Despite admission policies aimed at average students, the UMS students score much higher on college entrance tests than the average scores nationwide.

What do UMS graduates who are in college say about how well-prepared they were in high school?

Data collected from graduates of the University-Model® report overwhelmingly that they were extremely well-prepared for their freshmen experience. The University-Model® system, not only academically prepares you, but scheduling, work ethic, and necessary study skills were dynamics to which they were already accustomed. It is also common for UMS graduates to commence their college careers with collegiate credits on their transcripts, allowing them exemption from several courses.